Perfect Gifts for Every Type of Cider Lover

Perfect Gifts for Every Type of Cider Lover

Here at Bristol Cider Shop, we believe that cider is the perfect gift for any occasion (although we might be a little biased). With that in mind, we’ve found the perfect cider gift for everyone on your list this Christmas. 

Pro tip - If they don’t like cider, consider giving them socks.

The Cider Newbie - Introduction to Cider Tasting Kit 

This is the perfect place to start their craft cider experience - our introductory tasting kit contains five of our best-selling ciders, ranging from dry to sweet. We’ve chosen ciders that are very accessible, so no prior knowledge is required. 

Also included is our Cider Tasting Guide with full tasting notes on each bottle, and information on how craft cider is made. And if that weren’t enough, your lucky recipient will also get a special Bristol Cider Shop tasting glass to help them get the most out of their gift.

The Cider Purist - Farmhouse Scrumpy Mixed Case

Scrumpy was originally a still blend of all the apples grown on a farm, thrown in together and fermented fully until all the sugar had turned to alcohol - making it extremely dry. It was often used to pay farm workers, so the best scrumpy makers attracted the best workers. Thus began the super competitive world of craft cider making (just kidding, we’re all friends really).

Modern tastes meant cider was often carbonated at bottling, and sweetened by a variety of methods. However, a few skilled craft cider makers still bottle some great traditional scrumpy ciders, and this case contains six of the best. 

The Cider Curious - Award-Winning Craft Cider Mixed Case

For those looking to expand their cider knowledge and get a taste of some of the best in the UK, our Award-Winning Craft Cider Case is the perfect gift. Each case contains a mix of dry, medium-dry, medium and medium-sweet craft ciders, made by the finest names in British craft cider making - and they’ve got the medals to prove it! 

All are produced the old-fashioned way, from the pure and simple fresh-pressed juice of cider apples, grown specifically to end up in a bottle (or can). This gives those amazing deep, rich, tannic flavours that only real craft cider can deliver.

The Cider Adventurer - Craft Cider Gift Subscription 

Let us take them on a journey of cider discovery with a gift that just keeps on giving. We pick a knock-out selection of craft cider every month, showcasing interesting, new and different ciders to explore and discover. 

Choose a pre-paid subscription of 2, 4, 6 or 12 months of hand-selected cider cases delivered to their door. We’ll even let them know what’s coming so they can skip a case if they choose. 

Alternatively, you can pay monthly and receive as many cases as you choose. Subscribe in December and the first case they’ll receive will be our Christmas Crackers case, which includes a whisky barrel-aged cider, a superb mulled variety, and the exclusive Rull Orchard Baubles - a firm customer favourite last Christmas.

The Cider Snob - Fine Cider Trio

Here’s a fact you can impress them with: It was actually the British cider-makers of old who perfected the Champagne method of bottle fermentation, and created the stronger glass bottles needed to contain it. There simply would not be a Champagne industry today if cider makers hadn’t laid the groundwork!

Fine cider is craft cider turned up to 11 – everything intensified just a little more, from complexity to balance and depth of flavour. You get that classic cork pop, and wallop of bubbles on pouring.

Our collection contains three of the best, from Pilton Cider and Worley’s in Somerset, and Tom Oliver in Herefordshire.

The Difficult One - Bristol Cider Shop Gift Voucher 

There’s always one. Our gift vouchers can be used to buy anything in the shop (except more gift vouchers!) and are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. Plus, we send them electronically by email, so they’re great as a last-minute present for that one person you forgot to buy for…

Check out our full range of Cider Gifts. And a Merry Christmas from all of us at Bristol Cider Shop!