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Burrow Hill Cider Film

Posted On 8th Oct 2020   Posted By Pete

Julian and Matilda Temperley welcome you to their farm at Burrow Hill, where they use the 130 acres of traditional orchards to produce a range of ciders, including their famous Somerset Cider Brandy.

Check out this lovely little ‘behind the scenes’ film by Sibling and Rival – we love the music! 😊

It's Cider-Making Time Again!

Posted On 23rd Sep 2020   Posted By Pete

Today marks the first day of autumn, and the beginning of cider-making season. After an unpredictable summer (in more ways than one) orchards across the county are once again bearing delicious, ripe fruit, ready to be crafted into delicious cider.

It’s easy to feel that everything has changed this year. But one thing that remains constant is the seasonal process of growth, flower, fruit, harvest. And after a summer of both high temperatures and intense rain, this year’s apple crop is now ready.

Ben Crossman Collecting Apples

Support Your Local Cider Maker

Many of our local cider-makers have had a difficult summer, with reduced orders from pubs and restaurants and no events to supply. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to help. The easiest way is to buy local craft cider! We may be a little biased here, but we’re certainly not alone in our belief that the West Country produces the best cider in the world. Once you get a taste of the real stuff, you’ll never go back.

Now is also a great time to visit some of your favourite local cider-makers and see for yourself the amazing work they do. Many of them still use the same traditional methods that have been used for generations. Take Ben Crossman of Crossman’s Cider for example. His grandfather started making cider in the 1930’s, and today Ben uses the same equipment and techniques to craft his award-winning prime farmhouse cider.

Ben Crossman Milling Apples

Making Cider

Images taken from ‘Making Cider’, a photobook documenting a year in the cider-making life of Ben Crossman. Photojournalist Jon Kent spent a year discovering how traditional Somerset Cider is made and the people that make it all possible. From beekeeping to harvesting, pressing to tasting, farm to festival...

Available on our webshop, or as a gift set with 6 bottles of Crossman’s sparkling, medium-dry cider.

Crossman's Cider Gift Set

Buy the gift set

Worley's New Range

Posted On 16th Sep 2020   Posted By Pete

You might have noticed that Worley’s bottles are now sporting bold new labels. This striking re-brand is sure to attract some curious new customers, and we’re sure they won’t be disappointed when they open up the bottle. But why take our word for it? We’ve just added a mixed case of Worley’s sparkling ciders to our web-shop so you can try for yourself, and with four 500ml bottles of each blend, there’s something for everyone. 

Red Hen – 6.2% ABV

A medium-dry, slightly sparkling cider with good tannin and a spicy finish.

Red Hen is a blend of early-season cider apple varieties, freshly pressed and fermented under the influence of natural yeasts, then slowly matured on the cool slopes of the Mendip Hills. This full-juice cider is sweetened, filtered, and lightly carbonated to produce an unparalleled cider with plenty of flavour and a long, spicy finish.

Rocky Road – 6.4% ABV

Worley’s favourite. A fruity and easy-going medium cider.

A raft of late-season, bittersweet apple varieties are carefully blended to amplify the strengths of each apple, while maintaining a perfect harmony with its blend partners. Rocky Road is a perennial favourite amongst Worley’s fans and a very drinkable cider.

Beatnik Billy – 5.5% ABV

A medium-sweet cider, with bags of fruit flavour and a mellow, balanced sharpness.

Crafted using light, sharp juices, Beatnik Billy’s flavour is comparable to Eastern-style ciders or white wine. As always at Worley’s, the freshly pressed golden cider apple juice is run into vessels and allowed to slowly ferment under the action of natural yeasts in a cool, dark barn before racking off and maturing for several months.

All three ciders can also be purchased separately from Bristol Cider Shop – Red Hen, Rocky Road and Beatnik Billy.

The Worley’s Way

Self-taught cider make Neil Worley started out by experimenting with different apple varieties and blends, and gradually began to master the mysterious - and often unpredictable – arts of fruit selection and fermentation.

Attention to detail has always been at the forefront of the Worley’s process. They never add flavourings to their ciders, instead relying on the finest vintage cider apples, grown with love in the sun-drenched orchards of South Somerset. Each blend can use anything up to 16 varieties of apple, expertly combined before pressing.

Worley’s always ferment their ciders at cooler ambient temperatures, using only yeasts found naturally in the fruit and the fermenting environment. This approach leads to complex yet mellow flavours - but isn’t without its complications. As Neil Worley puts it, “It’s a bit of a gamble using wild yeasts as things don’t always go according to plan, which is why the larger makers don’t do it, but the results are well worth the risk in our opinion.”

It’s hard to argue with him, especially when considering Worley’s multi-award-winning status. The brand supplies pubs, festivals, country shows, markets, and events throughout the country. They also export their products internationally, meaning the whole world can experience the taste of proper Somerset cider.

Cider Tastings

Posted On 16th Mar 2020   Posted By Pete

We're sorry but all of our events are postponed for the time being. We'll reorganise some new dates when things are back to normal.

We're still open for online orders as normal.

All change at Bristol Cider Shop

Posted On 12th Nov 2019   Posted By Pete

The good news: Bristol Cider Shop is embarking on an exciting new chapter to improve our online business and hold lots more cider tastings and events…

The bad news: To do this, we will be closing our Wapping Wharf shop at the end of this year. Sorry!

You can read our press release about it HERE.

We’ll be continuing our cider tastings and they will now take place in a variety of venues around Bristol (see our Events page for details).

We will also be holding new events including a cider dinner at BOX-E, Raclette night with The Bristol Cheesemonger and burger night with Squeezed! And watch out for the return of our cider festival in May.

The shop will be open as normal in the run up to Christmas and our last day will be Saturday 28th December 2019.

The website will not be affected and we will continue to send out online orders as normal. Gift vouchers will still be valid on the website and you will still be able to book cider tastings after the shop is closed.

It’s the end of an era! We’re sorry but it just makes so much more sense for a business as specialist as ours to be online. It would be great to see you before we go – come and join us for a mulled cider :)