Worley's Mixed Case - 4x 500ml of 3 different ciders


A mixed case of Neil Worley's excellent range of sparkling ciders. Featuring 4x 500ml bottles each of Red Hen (medium-dry), Rocky Road (medium) and Beatnik Billy (medium-sweet).

You might have noticed that Worley’s bottles are now sporting bold new labels. This striking re-brand is sure to attract some curious new customers, and we’re sure they won’t be disappointed when they open up the bottle. But why take our word for it? Try our new mixed case of Worley’s sparkling ciders, and with four 500ml bottles of each blend, there’s something for everyone!

Red Hen – 6.2% ABV 

A medium-dry, slightly sparkling cider with good tannin and a spicy finish.

Rocky Road – 6.4% ABV

Worley’s favourite. A fruity and easy-going medium cider.

Beatnik Billy – 5.5% ABV

A medium-sweet cider, with bags of fruit flavour and a mellow, balanced sharpness.



12x 500ml





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