Complete Cider Tasting Kit


10 award-winning ciders, Somerset Cider Brandy, Bristol Cider Shop tasting glass, Cider Tasting Guide

Hold a professional cider tasting in the comfort of your own home with our new Cider Tasting Kits! They contain everything you need to learn all about proper cider so are a great gift for a cider lover - or just for those looking for fun activities to do with friends or family.

Our Complete Cider Tasting Kit covers the whole spectrum of West Country cider and when you’ve finished you can consider yourself a true cider expert! This set features ten of our best-selling ciders, a miniature of Somerset Cider Brandy, a Bristol Cider Shop tasting glass and a cider tasting guide with information about all of the ciders included.

All of the ciders are 100% natural, vegan-friendly and gluten-free.



10 ciders, brandy, glass





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