Bristol Cider Shop 2.0

Bristol Cider Shop 2.0

Welcome to our new website!

We're delighted to welcome you to our new website, which is not just prettier (it is!) and (a LOT) faster than the old one - but it also reflects a few changes to how we're going to do things now that we've moved online.

First, and most importantly, an assurance of what is NOT going to change:

  • We only sell cider made from 100% fresh-pressed juice - not concentrate.
  • We only sell cider made on traditional cider farms - not factories.
  • We only sell cider that is naturally fermented - not artificially produced.

Exploring the world of cider

The first big change is that we used to only sell cider made within 50 miles of the shop. That made sense when we had a geographical location but now that we’re online we’re pleased to be able to embrace cider from a bit further afield! We will continue to focus on the West Country for our core range as we have long-standing relationships with our suppliers here - and we are still based here. However we can now start exploring the rest of the world, one cider at a time!

Monthly Guest Cases

This brings us to the next big change. We are going to release a new Monthly Guest Case every month around a particular theme. It might be a geographical location, a style of cider, an apple variety or a new producer.

Craft Cider Subscription

These cases will be available as stand-alone cases or you'll be able to subscribe to receive a new case every month at a discount of 20%. Check out our Craft Cider Subscription page for more information and sign up today!

Cider Tasting Kits

When we were forced to stop our cider tastings, we created a range of Cider Tasting Kits so people could continue to hold private cider tastings at home. They have proved very popular, especially with people holding virtual cider tastings for friends, family or corporate events.

Cider Selection Boxes

The one area that we've decided to stop is the bottle shop. After speaking to a lot of customers, we realised that the value we add is in recommending and curating ciders, not in simply shifting bottles. As a result we've decided to focus on Craft Cider Selection Boxes rather than individual bottles.

Our Cider Mission

We hope that you like the new website and our new focus. As ever, our mission is to make great-tasting cider accessible to everyone by:

  • Changing people’s perception of craft cider.
  • Helping people to learn more about cider and upgrade their cider choices.
  • Guiding people on a journey of discovery through the world of craft cider.