About us

13 Years of Award-Winning Cider.

Bristol Cider Shop has been showcasing the very best in local, independent cider since 2010. We’re on a mission to introduce people to the world of proper* cider and we’ve been named the UK’s Independent Cider Retailer of the Year twice. *If you’re not sure what we mean by proper cider, check out our Cider FAQ.

We work with the best, award-winning, craft cider-makers in the UK and pick their very best ciders to feature in our mixed cider cases. The cases are arranged by taste and style so you can pick the one that suits you or you can choose an introductory/ taster case for a mix of different flavours.

Our cider range.

Rather than trying to stock a huge range we sell about 100 varieties and have carefully selected all of them so you know that every cider you get from us is top quality. We know all of our producers personally and we can tell you where the cider was made, who made it and what it tastes like.

All of our ciders are hand-picked and taste-tested by our tasting panel, so we know it’s great stuff. Comprising industry professionals plus occasionally a lucky customer, friends or family, we taste hundreds of ciders, and only the best scoring ones will make the cut.

Two women enjoying cider

Cider being poured into a glass
Case of bottled cider
Bristol cider shop branded glasses full of cider

Our values.

Cider trends come and go, but our values remain the same as the day we started:

  • We only sell cider made from 100% fresh-pressed juice - not concentrate.
  • We only sell cider made on traditional cider farms - not factories.
  • We only sell cider that is naturally fermented - not artificially produced.

Our mission is to make great-tasting cider accessible to everyone by:

  • Changing people’s perception of craft cider.
  • Helping people to learn more about cider and their cider choices.
  • Guiding people on a journey of discovery through the world of craft cider.

The shop.

The original shop opened in 2010 on Bristol’s historic Christmas Steps and was the city’s first ever cider shop. We were on a mission to introduce people to proper cider and spent most of our time tasting it along with the customers! Described  by the Naked Guide to Cider as "the original and best cider shop in the land"

When Wapping Wharf opened, we moved into a converted shipping container in Bristol’s new harbourside food & drink hotspot. This gave us a bigger space to hold cider tastings and meant that we could introduce more people to the world of cider. We loved collaborating with our foodie neighbours and our Cheese and Cider tastings with The Bristol Cheesemonger were legendary!

In 2020 post-pandemic though, we decided to focus online only and the shop closed. We loved the shop and our customers but realised that to promote cider to the widest possible audience we needed to focus online. 

Now located on a lovely cider farm just outside Shepton Mallet, the heart of Somerset cider country, with lots of space and orchards just outside our door, our Team work tirelessly to source, and pack amazing craft ciders for you.