Craft Cider vs. Commercial Cider

Craft Cider vs. Commercial Cider

We've been banging on about real cider for 10 years now, but we think you deserve to know exactly what’s in your drink. Knowledge is power, so we’ve put together this handy guide to show you the difference between real craft cider and commercial cider.

craft cider vs commercial cider infographic bristol cider shop

To be called ‘cider’ in the UK you only need to use a minimum of 35% juice (even less for fruit cider), so commercial cider-makers will often use concentrated juice with very little flavour, meaning that they have to recreate the taste of real cider artificially. There are 45 different permitted additions that can be used according to government guidelines, including artificial colourings, sweeteners and preservatives. 

There’s also no requirement to list ingredients on alcoholic drinks - or even to display what percentage of juice is used. Luckily, real cider-makers are very proud of what goes into their cider so they will list exactly what is in the bottle, on the bottle!

Here at Bristol Cider Shop, we only ever sell real craft cider - made from 100% fresh-pressed juice and naturally fermented on cider farms. We know all of our producers personally and we can tell you where the cider was made, who made it and what it tastes like.