Modern Cider Done 2 Ways - August's Cider Subscription Case

Modern Cider Done 2 Ways - August's Cider Subscription Case

For this month's subscription case, we've focused on two modern cider producers - Pearson's and Hogan's. Both grow and press their apples in the beautiful Malvern Hills of Worcestershire, but that's where the similarity ends, as from then on they adopt quite different approaches to cider making.

Mike Pearson of Pearson's Cider likes to take things slowly. Starting with local apples, his mantra is "if the apple isn't good enough to eat, don't make cider from it". His attention to detail and ability to let nature do her stuff slowly has led to some fabulous traditional style craft ciders, with great labelling emphasising this. For this case, we have selected his original #1 Medium, #2 Medium-Dry and #5 Dry.

Compare and contrast to Allen Hogan, who presses his fruit in the Malverns too but likes to push the boundaries of production and flavour by adopting new techniques and flavours, all wrapped up with great modern branding. Once a hobbyist, Allen has been a professional cider maker since 2005, and his progressive take on bringing modern cider to new audiences is widely recognised. This case contains Killer Sharp, a sour sharp cider, Hip Hop, a light hopped cider with distinctive undertones, and lastly Libertine, with a unique toffee apple finish.

Two very different styles, approaches and products from two near neighbours, each made from 100% fresh-pressed bittersweet cider apples. We can't wait to hear what you think!

You can buy the Modern Cider Two Ways case as a one-off, or save 15% and subscribe to receive our Monthly Cases for just £20 plus P&P – remember you can pause or skip at any time, if you don’t fancy a particular case.