22 Ciders to Try in 2022

22 Ciders to Try in 2022

A lot of people ask us what are the ciders to look out for this year so we've put together a list of our favourite ciders to try in 2022. That should keep you busy for a while! They're listed in strictly alphabetical order so we don't upset anybody by putting anyone above anyone else. We hope you enjoy trying them - let us know what you think!

Apple County ‘Yarlington Mill’ (5.5%) Monmouthshire

Ben Culpin has been making cider In Monmouthshire for less than 15 years but in that time has established Apple County as a serious producer, with a host of awards and a great range of ciders. He's very much a key player in the movement to put Welsh cider back on the map and we're big fans both of that movement and of his ciders.

Yarlington Mill is a rich, fruity, single-varietal cider and is available in our limited edition Welsh Cider Case.

Burrow Hill (6%) Somerset

One of the finest and most iconic Somerset ciders, produced from the extensive orchards around Kingsbury Episcopi. This is famously the cider that is served on the legendary Somerset Cider Bus at Glastonbury Festival, where gallons of this nectar are consumed each year. Blended from 11 varieties of vintage cider apples, this is a crisp, medium-dry, sparkling cider and is available in our Craft Cider Gift Case - Medium-Dry.

Cotswold Cider ‘Sweet Cheeks’ (4%) Oxfordshire

Rory Souter is an enthusiastic promoter of the real cider movement, proudly using 100% bittersweet apples to produce his ciders. He’s also part of a new breed of cider makers marrying great cider with equally great branding. Sweet Cheeks combines real cider with blackberry and elderberry juices to produce a fruity ‘blush’ cider and is available in our Proper Fruit Cider Mixed Case.

Dorset Nectar ‘Jurassic Skyline’ (4%) Dorset

The Strong family settled from America on an old orchard near Bridport, that had formerly supplied Gaymer’s Cider with apples. In 2008, they started making their own cider and now seven of the family are involved, and a lovely visitor centre and tasting garden has been added. ‘Jurassic Skyline’ is a light, refreshing, medium-sweet cider with a soft sparkle and is available in our Sunshine Cider Mixed Case.

Harrys ‘Original’ (6%) Somerset

Harry Fry, along with his son Toby, moved from dairy farming to cider production to become more sustainable and make use of the orchards planted by his grandfather. His Dabinett cider was named Supreme Champion at the British Cider Championships 2018. Harry's Original is a proper dry, sparkling cider and is a perennial favourite for those that like a more robust cider. It is available in our Craft Cider Gift Case - Dry.

Hecks ‘Kingston Black’ (6.5%) Somerset

The Hecks family has been making traditional farmhouse cider in Street, near Glastonbury, since 1840. Andrew and Will are 6th and 7th generation cider makers and still use traditional methods to produce their celebrated cider. Kingston Black is a full-bodied, single-varietal cider with plenty of tannin and is available in our Somerset Favourites Cider Case With Free Cider Map.

Honey's ‘Midford’ (5.9%) Somerset

Bob Honey and daughter Kimberley make cider on their farm in the village of Midford, near Bath. It is often found in pubs around the area in recognisable wooden barrels and even has the stamp of approval from the Wurzels! Honey’s Midford is a medium-dry, bright, sparkling cider and is available in our Cider v Beer Case.

Hunts ‘Andsome Bay’ (4.8%) Devon

Hunts has crafted cider since 1805 in the glorious South Hams coastal area of South Devon. Using many of the same old orchards and techniques of the past, now run by the sixth generation of the family. Old Mr Hunt used to say "“Yer! come try, tis proper Andsome Bay.” We think you'll agree it's lovely too! Andsome Bay is a fruity, easy-drinking, medium-sweet and is available in our Craft Cider Gift Case - Medium-Sweet.

Isaac ‘Calculus’ (4.5%) Dorset

A recent addition to our stable, the Giles family make some great cider on their family farm in Dorset. It got its name when they discovered they were distant relatives of the famous scientist Isaac Newton and his apple-related discoveries! Calculus is a sparkling, medium-dry made from a blend of Dabinett and Harry Masters Jersey cider apples. It was awarded a Taste of the West Gold award in 2021 is available as part of our Award-Winning Cider Gift Set.

Iford ‘New Tradition’ (5%) Somerset

Fed up with not being able to find great cider, Joe set about making his own. He re-discovered pockets of apple trees from the long-forgotten traditional orchards of the nearby Iford Estate. Together with Will, he has created an excellent range of modern ciders. New Tradition is a traditional, still, medium-dry and is available in our Farmhouse Still Cider (Scrumpy) Case.

Lawrence’s ‘Premium’(6%) Somerset

An absolute cracker, made in Corton Denham in South Somerset by John Lawrence, which remains an undiscovered gem. Our tasting panel have described it as "just about as good as it gets", and this little-known craft cider defines what it's all about. Lawrence’s Premium is a full-flavoured, medium, sparkling cider and is available in our Craft Cider Gift Case - Medium.

Oliver’s ‘Wild Ferment Rolling Blend’ Perry (6%) Herefordshire

Proper perry is made from perry pears, in the same way that proper cider is made from cider apples. Tom Oliver is one of the finest perry makers in the world and is a passionate advocate of proper cider and perry. He has won almost every cider and perry award going. His Rolling Blend perry has bracing citrus acidity and fruitiness, hints of melon and elderflower and a honeyed sweetness. It is available in our Craft Perry Tasting Case.

Pearson’s ‘Blush’ (4%) Gloucestershire

Mike Pearson likes to take things slowly. Starting with local apples, his mantra is "if the apple isn't good enough to eat, don't make cider from it".  His attention to detail, and "let nature do her stuff slowly" methodology means he is producing some fabulous craft ciders. His blush cider is made from a mix of cider apples and Red Devil dessert apples. It is a fruity medium-sweet and is available as part of our Rose Blush Cider Case.

Perrys ‘Barn Owl’ (5.5%) Somerset

Perry's have been making traditional Somerset cider in the picture postcard village of Dowlish Wake since the 1920s and the latest generation George has introduced some brilliant new branding with the help of Bristol illustrator Tom Frost. 'Barn Owl' is a hazy (unfiltered), medium, sparkling farmhouse cider and is available in our Somerset Favourites Cider Case With Free Cider Map.

Pilton ‘Tamoshanta’ (4.5%) Somerset

Martin Berkeley has mastered the art of keeving, where the fermentation is stopped to create a natural sweetness in the cider. On Burns Night the young cider is transferred to Scotch whisky barrels to finish and mature, where it picks up its deeper colour and smokey notes. Tamoshanta is medium-sweet with smokey vanilla tannin. It is presented in a 75cl bottle and is available in our Fine Cider Trio.

Rich’s ‘Farmhouse’ (6%) Somerset

A proper, still, traditional scrumpy from Rich’s Cider Farm in Somerset. The Rich family have been making farmhouse cider for over 60 years and this is still made using traditional methods. It was the most popular draught cider in the shop for years and you can see why. Rich's Farmhouse Cider is available in 10 litre (17 pint) bag-in-boxes which are perfect for parties/ BBQs/ festivals/ weddings and keep the cider fresh for up to a month (if it lasts that long!)

Ross-on-Wye ‘Bristol Cider Shop Blend’ (6.8%) Herefordshire

We couldn’t complete a list of the best ciders of 2022 without including this! The multi award-winning cidermakers (and generally lovely people) at Ross on Wye Cider made this blend especially for us. It's a blend of 5 single apple varietal ciders which are all available as part of a special Ross Exclusive Blending Case.

Rull Orchard ‘Orchard Sunset’ (5%) Devon

Mike Shorland is one of the UK's few qualified Pommeliers, and has put these skills to great use first by planting and now harvesting from a new orchard on the slopes of the Exe Valley, in idyllic East Devon, to create some really great ciders. Orchard Sunset is a light and fruity cider, blended with an almost tropical flavour from the rare Devon 'Goring' apple, and is available in our East Devon Discovery Case.

Sandford ‘Apple & Oak’ (6.7%) Devon

Barney Butterfield has done a lot to put Devon Cider back on the map since setting up Sandford Orchards. He is one of the few producers to have cracked producing commercially successful ciders as well as high-end ciders for the connoisseur. Apple & Oak is a dry vintage cider aged in new oak barrels to showcase youthful, ripe, bittersweet apple flavours complemented by notes of vanilla and toasty oak. It is available in our Craft Cider Gift Case - Dry.

Sheppys ‘Redstreak’ (4%) Somerset

Sheppy’s are one of the best-known names in cider and six generations of Sheppy have been making cider on their farm near Wellington for over 200 years. They make a wide range of ciders and this is a limited edition release. Somerset Redstreak is a light and zesty, medium-sweet, single-varietal cider with a lower ABV and is available in our Craft Cider Gift Case - Medium-Sweet

Taunton ‘Vintage’ (6%) Somerset

Taunton Cider has brought one of the best know names in cider back to life, with a new operation and some ambitious plans. Made from cider apples grown in the company's traditional orchards around Taunton. Vintage is a medium-dry, sparkling, vintage cider and is available in our Craft Cider Gift Case - Medium-Dry.

Worley’s Beatnik Billy

Neil Worley has successfully transitioned from hobbyist to full-time cidermaker and has won a whole host of awards for his range of ciders. He tends to focus on themed blends like early or late season apples or in this case, ‘sharp’ apples to produce an Eastern Counties style cider. Beatnik Billy is a lighter cider with white wine characteristics and a lower ABV and is available in our Complete Cider Tasting Kit.