The Dabinett Case - February's Cider Subscription Case

The Dabinett Case - February's Cider Subscription Case

One apple variety - six ways. Dabinett is one of the most well-known cider apple varieties, a bittersweet fruit grown primarily in Somerset and the South West after it was discovered as a natural seedling in the early 1900s. Dabinett is one of the best single variety cider apples grown today.

Much as with wine, where one grape variety grown in different areas exhibit different characteristics, cider apples are no different. Climate, soil type, and tree age all contribute to that mythical terroir that imparts so many subtle differences in character. So we decided to showcase this by selecting 6 ciders all made from one single variety of apple (well, one is a blend to show what difference that makes!). See what differences you can detect between them all. 

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Ganley & Naish - Medium, 6%, Somerset

Made in North Somerset, and with a dark coppery colour, this cider fully showcases the tannins and depth of flavour that Dabinett can impart.

Dorset Nectar - Medium Dry, 5.8%, Dorset

This organic cider is produced from apples harvested from traditional orchards on the seawards facing slopes above Bridport in Dorset - a very different climate than that of inland Somerset.

Southdown Cider - Medium, 6%, East Somerset

Steve makes some belting cider, and in 2019 he won Champion Cider at the British Cider Championships, beating 450 others. His Dabinett SV is still, and made from apples grown in old heritage orchards near Bruton in East Somerset. The absence of carbonation gives a nice, stripped back tasting experience.

 Sheppy's - Medium, 6.5%, West Somerset

One of the few single variety ciders from this 200-year-old cider maker, this is a lovely example of the completeness of Dabinett apples and that they often need no blending at all.

Perrys - Medium Sweet, 5.6%, South Somerset

The sweetest cider in this case, Perry's Dabinett is a lovely, well-rounded cider. Cool and slow-fermented, this is really well-balanced with a soft astringency.

Axminster Dabinett and Sweet Coppin - Medium, 5.5%, East Devon

Lastly, we included a Dabinett-led blend, with Sweet Coppin added to dial up the complexity. Very lightly carbonated, you will hopefully taste the difference this brings.

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